Head of AIDHR to address open letter to the founder of “People In Need” organization that headquartered in Check Republic – Text

Ahmad Shahidov asked his collogue Simon Panek to bring clarification on the issue of his being pro-armenian or not

Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) wrote an open letter to Šimon Pánek, Executive Director and founnder of “People In Need” Humanitarian and non profit organization on Novemeber 28. The text of the letter was made avaibale in three languges – Azerbaijani, Russian and English and placed on the AIDHR official website. Beyond this, the letter was sent to the “People In Need” organization’s website, email address, hard copy to the organization office in Prague and its Facebook page.

In his letter Head of AIDHR mentioned charter and mission of the “People In Need” organization. The letter addressed 10 questions in order to find out whether the organization is faithful to the universal values, principles established by it and whether it’s pro-armenian or not.

While commenting on the above mentioned letter Head of AIDHR voiced his hope to receive responds to the letter until December 10 which is celebrated as the International Human Rights Day. The statement reads “In fact the letter aims at presenting an opportunity for “People In Need” organization to demonstrate their faithfulness to its values. It also seeks to put an end to one sided attitude shaped towards this organization in Azerbaijan. This can be considered as a crucial chance given to Mr. Simon Panek. Let him demonstrate that the organization under his leadership does not make national, racial, sexual, political and social discrimination in its activities. Let him prove that he equally treats to the conflicting sides. It’s a chance for them to illustrate that they put rule of law, principles of the international law above everything and put an end to the escalated tensions emerged in Azerbaijani society against this organization. Merely 10 questions will cease these ignited tensions! This is precisely what we want”.

Open letter from Ahmad Shahidov, chief of AIDHR to Šimon Pánek, founder of “People In Need” organization based in Czech Republic – Download

Открытое письмо главы ИДПЧА Ахмеда Шахидова основателью чешской организации “People In Need” Симону Панеку – Скачай

ADİHİ rəhbəri Əhməd Şahidovun Çexiyanın “People In Need” təşkilatının təsisçisi Simon Panekə ünvanladığı açıq məktub – Yüklə


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