In comparison with 7 months of last year state budget revenues decreased by 2.5%

In January-July 2014 actual revenues to the state budget of Azerbaijan amounted to 11.1 billion manat (32.6% of GDP), down 2.5% compared to the same period last year. Processed data on government budget expenditures for the period increased by 0.9 percent to 10.3 billion manat (30.3% of GDP). Surplus (positive difference) – 774 million manat or 2.3% of GDP. Backlog of budget revenues compared with last year’s counterparts observed since January.

The revenue of the state budget by 39.6%, or 4.4 billion manat provided by the Ministry of Taxes. Customs officers joined the treasury duties and taxes 868 100 000 manat or 7.8%, other sources, including the main weight of the SOFAZ, provided revenue up to 5.8 billion manat or 52.6%.

During the reporting period from the value added tax (VAT) to the state budget received 1.8 billion manat, or 16% of total revenues. Income tax has provided 1.6 billion manat or 14.2% of revenues, income tax – 549 mln. manat, excise tax – 466.5 million manat. Property tax is deposited in the state treasury 82.6 million manat, land tax – 21 million manat, tax on mineral resources – 74.9 million manat and tax on foreign operations – 431.9 million manat.

Most spent on investments in the economy – 4.6 billion manat or 45%. On the payment of salaries, pensions and allowances spent 21.7% or 2 billion 233,500,000 manat. Social security and protection of the public cost 1.1 billion manat – the proportion of 10.8%, education – in 833,300,000 manat (8.1%), health care – 345.8 million manat (3.4% ), maintenance of the prosecution, security, law enforcement, judicial authorities – 562.6 million manat (5.5%).

Recall revenues of the state budget for 2014 was estimated at 18.384 billion manat, expenses – 20 063 000 000 manat. The share of central revenues of 17 billion. 601,580,000 manat, and the rest – the share of local funding.

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