AIDHR: “Problems observed in country’s traffic system lead to violation of rights not only drivers but also passengers”


More than 1000 traffic accidents has occurred within 5 month of 2014 leaving approximately 500 deaths and 1000 people with various injures

After Azerbaijani gained its independence speedy growth of country’s economy increased influx of foreign currency reserve to the country and as a consequence it paved the way for the development of city, construction of new buildings, roads and bridges, surface and underground passages. Over the past years drastic measures have been carried out on improving traffic systems in the country though some problems still exist in this field.


Application of Euro 4 standards in Azerbaijan in April 2014 is viewed as positive development in terms of automobile market and environmental protection. However, it could not contribute to elimination of problems in traffic system.

Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) declares that existing problems cause violation of rights not only passengers but also drivers.

The followings cases cause violation of passengers and capital citizens rights:

• Bus drivers without having licenses provide services and this very reason cause traffic accidents;

• Buses with expired lifespan are presented to operation particularly in regions and it violates passengers rights on receiving sound services;

• Companies engaged in transportation of passengers without taking safety measures, turning blind eye to bus drivers who enter petrol stations with passengers on board, having buses on routes without securing safety precautions for accidents, having passengers over the indicated numbers etc.

• Absences of relevant pneumatic mechanic devices at buses for passengers with disabilities violates their rights;

• Insufficient Surface and underground passages unable passengers’ movement and causes tragic accidents. Within 5 months of 2014 number of tragic traffic accidents reached to 400, leaving 150 deaths and 300 injure;

• Not having yellow striped line on roads for pedestrians with poor vision further isolates these group of people from society; • Intellectual traffic management system installed in Baku does not fulfill expectation and makes it inevitable to carry out solid reforms;

Existing problems in traffic system cause violation of drivers’ rights as well:

• Members of Inspection Department within the Ministry of Transport violate drivers rights on a regular bases, collect illegal tax, confiscate drivers documents, put physical pressure and beat them;

• Traffic patrol police rudely behaves with drivers, their illegal confiscation of drivers documents and unethical treatment turned to be on a frequent base;

• While chasseing driver who breaks traffic regulation police leaves not only driver’s but also local citizen’s life under threat;

• Although relevant steps have been taken with regard to solving problem related to parking lots which caused heavy traffic jam especially in Baku city up until the past weeks, construction of car lots and parking spaces in various part of city, illegal evocation of drivers cars is still observed;

• Restriction was created against private taxi drivers in order to ease operation of thousands of taxies brought to the country from London; these groups of drivers encounter pressure, persecution and penalties regardless of their having driving licenses.


Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights hopes that reforms in accordance with European standards are accelerated on Azerbaijani traffic system, improvement of safe and convenient services with the aim of increasing citizens’ wellbeing, welfare is achieved and problems in this area are eliminated.

Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights

17 June, 2014-, Baku city

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