Statement on the necessity of Azerbaijan’s integration with the European Union

We, the signatories of this statement, politicians, intellectuals, civil society activists, and representatives of the independent press, the young activists, based on the fact that

– even at the beginning of 20th century the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic identified the modernization of our society as one of the main directions of development; that our state is built on the basis of democratic values ​​and principles which have penetrated from Europe;

– currently the European Union (EU) has opened a wide range of opportunities for the development of the member countries of the structure, as well as signatories to the Association Agreement it is not posing a threat to their independence;

– at the same time the European Parliament adopted resolutions on Karabakh conflict in support of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, the EU’s commitment in rapid resolution of the conflict by peaceful means and in conformity with the principles of international law;

– besides, the Eastern Partnership Program Association Agreement proposed the EU participants, could accelerate the political, economic and legal reforms in these countries,


1. The Association Agreement with the EU is fully consistent with the wishes of our people to build a democratic state. This agreement will create favorable conditions for ensuring human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan, development of free trade and the economy as a whole, strengthen social protection, the formation of an independent judiciary, democratic elections, to get closer to the existing EU high standards in many areas, from education and medicine to customs and tax services, banking organizations, etc.

2. The document on Strategic partnership proposed the European Union by the Azerbaijani government for modernization can not replace an Association Agreement, although it still controls the strategic partnership between our country and the EU.

3. While making geopolitical choice of our country the most important thing should not be the interests of any individuals and groups, or other countries, but the protection of the independence of our state, achieving freedom and prosperity to our people in the long term. From this point of view, Russia’s desire to involve Azerbaijan by various ways in the Eurasian Economic Community concerns us. We declare that this association, which does not promise long-term political and economic benefits, is created mostly to ensure the interests of the current Russian leadership. Azerbaijan’s joining this community could undermine its independence, its slow political and economic development. Therefore, Azerbaijan cannot participate in this association.

4. Azerbaijani authorities should put an end to the tradition of the preferences of their personal and group interests to general public interest; taking into account the fundamental interests of our people, it should announce that the Association Agreement with the EU will be signed for this purpose to intensify the ongoing negotiations with the EU;to ending, at last, negotiations artificially prolonged for 18 years, should ensure that the country’s membership in the World Trade Organization; to release political prisoners in the country as quickly as possible; to start a comprehensive political reforms that open for Azerbaijan the way to Europe.

1. Full makeup of the Coordintion Center of the National Council :

Real members of the National Council.
1. Annagi Hajibeyli

2. Leyla Əliyeva

3. Shahvalad Chobanoğlu

4. Raşid Hacılı

5. Yavar Hüseyn

6. Ali Abbasov

7. Arzu Abdullayeva

8. Rövşan Almuradlı

9. Rahim Hacıyev

10. Sulhaddin Əkbar

11. Qulamhuseyn Alibayli

12. Qalandar Mukhtarlı

13. Natiq Karimov

14. Mahmud Hacıyev (colonel)

15. Emin Milli

16. Yashar Jafarli

3. Lawyers:

1. Əsabali Mustafayev

2. Erkin Qadirli

3. Khalid Bagirzadə

4. Elton Quliyev

5. Faxraddin Mehdiyev

6. Elchin Sadıqov

7. İntiqam Aliyev

8. Aslan Ismayılov

9. Hafiz Hasanov

10. Mirali Hüseynov

11. Müzaffar Bakhışov

12. Matlab Mutallimli

13. Adil Ismayılov

14. Alövsat Aliyev

4. Intellectuals and other civil society representatives

1. Elchin Shikhli

2. Arif Aliyev

3. Khadija Ismail

4. Maharramli

5. Togrul Juvarly

6. Rahman Bagirov

7. Musa Yagub

8.Shahin Hajiyev

9.Malahat Nasibova (Nakhchivan)

10. Emin Huseynov

11. Haji Ilgar

12. Rasul Jafarov

13. Iradal Jafarova

14. Fuad Hasanov

15. Gubad Ibadoglu

16. Samir Kazımlı

17.Vugar Bajramov

18. Vugar Gojayev

19. Shahla Ismail


1. Isa Gambar

2. Lala Shovket

3. Sabir Rustamkhanly

4. Natig Jafarly

5. Eldar Namazov

6. Bakhtiyar Hajiyev

7. NIDA representative

8. AGT representative

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