Human rights activists called for the release of Hilal Mamedov

hilal_memmedovThe Committee to protect the editor of Tolyshi Sado (Voice of the Talysh) Hilal Mamedov and a group of Azerbaijani human rights activists appealed to the Commission on Presidential Pardon to consider whether to release him from prison. Turan was reported by the head of the Committee to protect the rights of Mamedov, Co Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Arzu Abdullayeva.

According to her, June 6 there was a meeting of the Committee to protect the rights of Mamedov, which expressed concern about the state of his health.

 “Hilal Mamedov suffers from asthma, and in Penitentiary number 17, where he is kept, prisoners suffer tuberculosis,” said Abdullayeva.

According to her, in connection with Mamedov’s asthmatic disease, he is at risk of tuberculosis. The best way to solve the problem is the man’s release from prison.

“On June 12 Hilal Mamedov’s cassation to the Supreme Court will be considered. Of course, we cannot put pressure on the court. However, we believe that the investigation of Hilal Mamedov was conducted with gross violations of the law and two of his complaints are of a violation of the presumption of innocence and unlawful detention taken by the European Court of Human Rights. Prior to this, the Azerbaijani Supreme Court could resolve misunderstandings in Hilal Mamedov and restore his rights,” said Abdullayeva.

At the June 9 meeting of representatives of several human rights organizations they decided to conduct monitoring of the Mamedov trial in the Supreme Court.

* Hilal Mamedov was arrested on June 21, 2012. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes September 27, 2013 sentenced him to five years in prison, finding him guilty of treason, inciting ethnic hatred and drug trafficking. Mamedov denied the allegations and believes that he is being persecuted for political reasons. Amnesty International found him a “prisoner of conscience.”

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