Beaten activist Nasibov – in intensive care

The condition of the beaten the night before Nakhchivan human rights activist and journalist Ilgar Nasibov remains hard. He was placed in the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

Morning of August 22 the spouse of Ilgar, Malahat Nasibova told Turan that he had a severe concussion, broken cheekbones, nose and ribs, bleeding wounds of the head and body. He stopped seeing in one eye.

Doctors stamped on the face and head more than a dozen stitches and fear that Ilgar could also suffer intracranial hemorrhage.

“In the evening we were called by one of the visitors to our Resource Centre, Farid. He called Ilgar to the office on some matter.

After some time, I was informed that Ilgar was in serious condition, and the office was destroyed. Ilgar, bleeding, was lying on the floor and survived by sheer luck.

When he was brought back to life, he said that Farid rushed at him, and in his hand was something like brass knuckles. Then a group of people burst into the room, and began to choke him. What was more, he does not remember,” said Malahat Nasibova.

Prosecutors and police arrived at the scene and took the primary indications. “I said to them that the suspect in the incident is the Department of Homeland Security,” said Nasibova. -03B-

* * *

Late on Thursday, a group of unidentified persons attacked the office of the Resource Center for Democracy in Nakhchivan.

The attackers severely beat the Center’s employee Ilgar Nasibov and ransacked the office. On this Turan was reported by the Director of the Center and the wife of Ilgar Nasibov, Malahat Nasibova.

“Ilgar has lost a lot of blood, he is unconscious and has multiple injuries,” said Malahat by phone.
The reason for the attack is unknown, but very likely it can be argued that this is part of the crackdown on civil society, launched in Azerbaijan in the last period.

Note that the Resource Center is the only independent NGO in Nakhchivan, which has long been an object of persecution by the local authorities. Malahat and Ilgar Nasibov have been threatened many times and they have become subject to physical and moral pressure. But crimes against them have never been investigated.

Last week, unknown people tried to enter the apartment of the Nasibovs.

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